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A brand stepping into the market of the Made in Italy, thanks to the expertise of artisans honoring the traditional craftmanship of Italy.

“Decide to be who you want, decide to love who you want, but most of all love yourself and always value yourself because you deserve to be unique and bubbly, especially when you choose to wear something that is as unique as you are!”

Annalisa Caricato

“Decide to be who you want, decide to love who you want, but most of all love yourself and always value yourself because you deserve to be unique and bubbly, especially when you choose to wear something that is as unique as you are!”

Annalisa Caricato

The Story

Annalisa Caricato was born and attended her first artistic studies in the city of Bari.

She graduated with honors from I.S.I.A. in Rome, in Industrial Design and held her first workshop at Valextra Italy, in Milan, in 2000.

Numerous and famous collaborations for international realities follow: from 2003 he starts working as a designer in the creative teams of Tod’s, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, and then becomes freelance leather goods designer for clients such as Guess Europe Emanuel Ungaro, Bulgari and Mandarina Duck.

Annalisa collaborated for 3 years with CREA in Geneve a lecturer and is responsible for the creativity and culture module within the Masters in luxury marketing. Today this collaboration has come to an end.

Annalisa Caricato is her first entrepreneurial project, entirely produced in Italy.

Italian Refinement

An innate talent for feminine taste and love for refinement, a strong Italian character and an obvious Pop interpretation of the surrounding reality, characterize the unique creations of this new brand that enters the world of fashion, with unique objects of Art a Porter.
The precious seal of each model is the logoed charm, in metal, designed and personalized by the stylist, taking inspiration from the symbols of handmade leather goods.
A continuous reference to the Italian visionary spirit and Made in Italy.

Each bag and t-shirt is conceived as a design object, to be collected and made one’s own.

Luxury Made in Italy 100%

Art a Porter is the entrepreneurial project of the Italian designer, Annalisa Caricato.

An important know-how that reflects a restless creative soul, with a strong character, lively and always glam. An all-Italian approach that perfectly combines the know-how of the Bel Paese, with an aesthetic taste, recognized internationally.

A brand that enters the Made in Italy market, using expert artisans who honor the tradition of the past and who have raised the quality standards to symbols of excellence in the world.

Minibags with attention to detail that take advantage of all the latest technologies available in the field of leather goods, meticulously welded and sewn by hand, in the belief that creativity and savoir fair, should proceed at the same pace, always.

My working career

Everything began

The date in which everything began, the moment in which the seed of creativity was planted inside an unaware container and began to sprout, to nourish itself and grow non-stop.

In the beginning it was just a brain in constant fun, then two hands that began to build from nothing and shaped ideas with any material available. Pure creativity ready to explode, a volcano of ideas in continuous eruption.

Annalisa Caricato was born made in Italy ... but she doesn't know it yet!

The beginning of training in the world of luxury

Beginning of formative experiences in the world of luxury.
Work begins within the creative teams of Italian luxury brands. The apprenticeship begins, you begin to see the first results of creativity applied to the product, the market through research of trends, functions of use and new models.

Annalisa Caricato begins to apply design to fashion and especially specializes in accessories. Born the passion for the bag, for that container of dreams that belongs to every woman or man who loves to identify themselves in a beautiful and functional object that reflects the character of those who buy it.

Launching the collection Rock Butterflies

After 3 years of collections on the market and the difficult Covid-19 crisis, the brand relaunches with extreme determination its online shop and presents the Rock Butterfly collection. The collection of daytime jewel bags is a novelty for the Italian luxury market.

A jewel bag that can be worn during the day, able to embellish even a t-shirt worn with jeans and that gives light and grit to the wearer.
A collection that attracts attention and communicates the courage and attitude to the challenge.

The rock butterfly woman exposes herself, shines and collects the approval of those who look at her because she has chosen to be different and above all unique.
The Rock Butterfly collection reflects the character of the wearer.
A woman who does not need to follow trends, but dictates her own codes of beauty and uniqueness.

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