Art a Porter

Discover Art a Porter, the creative project of Annalisa Caricato, playful style accessories exclusively Made in Italy

Discover Art a Porter

The first collection Art à Porter of Annalisa Caricato has  a gorgeously vivacious design and essence.

The new daywear handbag collection is matched with playful and original charms, produced entirely in Italy by expert artisanal hands, showing the value and the knowledge of  the “Bel Paese”.

It is precisely this Italian uniqueness from which Annalisa takes inspiration, developing her artistic language to create a carefully studied aesthetic to satisfy the increasing demand for refined products.

Annalisa Caricato takes this concept and reinterprets the classic crossbody bag with decisively street/pop touch and gorgeous uniquely original printed graphic design.


“It is from the landscapes of her homeland, Apulia, that Annalisa Caricato draws inspiration to develop her artistic language: exotic plants, nocturnal landscapes in an evidently pop key, splendid floral applications, experiences of daily life seen through the eyes of children.”

Annalisa Caricato

Luxury Made in Italy 100%

She is launching her first “must have” crossbody bag which you can wear along its unique t-shirt.

The graphic design on the t-shirt matches the three dimensional details on the flap to make an humorous message.

The primary search for custom-designed accessories and materials is followed by a careful study of the best producers in the sector, to guarantee to the end customer that uniqueness that distinguishes the Made in Italy all over the world.

Annalisa Caricato has built an all-round Art a Porter project that captures an increasingly wider audience, the lovers of glam accessories with a strong witty spirit, who love to communicate with their body.

Annalisa takes care of the entire project by designing a luxury packaging combining originality and high-quality leather goods inspired by Banksy’s street art.